Stihl Blowers

Handheld Blowers

BG 50

Lightweight, compact design; toolless air filter access and upright fuel tank

Stihl-Blowers-BG-56-C-EBG 56 C-E

Easy2Start system, semi-auto choke and new start/stop switch

Stihl-Blowers-BG-86-C-EBG 86

Fuel-efficient, low-emission gasoline powered engine, flat & round nozzle attachments

Backpack Blowers

Stihl-Blowers-BR-200BR 200

Lightweight, professional-caliber backpack blower for home use


BR 450C


BR 500

Quiet but powerful backpack blower for noise-sensitive areas

Stihl-Blowers-BR-600-MAGNUMBR 600 MAGNUM

All-in-one backpack blower combining power, fuel efficiency, and durability