Stihl Chainsaws

Homeowner Chainsaws

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-170MS 170

Perfect lightweight chainsaw for homeowners seeking a great value

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-180-C-BEMS 180 C

Easy2Start technology, Quick Chain Adjuster


MS 250

Designed for firewood cutting,

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-251MS 251

Powerful and fuel-efficient comfortable chainsaw

Farm & Ranch Chainsaws

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-271MS 271

20% longer run time compared to MS270

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-311MS 291

Built around new fuel-saving engine with longer run time and lower emissions

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-391MS 311

Improved engine technology, larger fuel and oil tanks for extended use

Professional Chainsaws

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-461MS 461

Made for tough cutting jobs and long work days, 20% more fuel efficient than MS460 MAGNUM model

MS 661C

Professional grade chainsaw with enhanced fuel efficiency


In-Tree Chainsaws

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-192-T-C-EMS 193 T

Professional arborist and tree service chainsaw, robust power-to-weight ratio

Stihl-Chainsaws-MS-201-TMS 201 T

“The Ultimate Arborist Saw” – for in-tree professional use only