Stihl Trimmers

Curved Shaft Trimmer

Stihl-Trimmers-FS-38FS 38

Lightweight, value-priced consumer trimmer

Stihl-Trimmers-FS-40-C-EFS 40 C

Easy2Start technology, low exhaust emission and fuel-efficient engine


FS 50C

Easy2Start technology, 20% more fuel efficient than previous models

Straight Shaft Trimmer

Stihl-Trimmers-FS-56-RC-EFS 56 RC

5% more power than FS55R, Easy2Start technology

Stihl-Trimmers-FS-90-RFS 94 R

Features ECOSPEED throttle set wheel


Stihl-Trimmers-FS-110-RFS 110 R

Fuel-efficient powerful trimmer handles tough jobs and meets emissions requirements

Stihl-Trimmers-FS-130-RFS 130 R

Excellent power-to-rate ratio, 33% increase in engine power from FS110R model